Orpic job vacancies in Oman

Orpic job vacancy in Oman

We provide excellent work opportunities in Gulf countries, to candidates from in and around India. Orphic job vacancies in Oman will help you with all the information about the job openings in Oman.

Orphic job vacancies in Oman

Team Leader Integration Required!

Job title: Team Leader Integration
Posted date: 13/05/2018
Qualifications: bachelor degree in engineering
Knowledge: Minimum years of relevant experience is 5 years
Skills: People management
Job details

Wanted Lead Engineer Rotating TSD Rotating!

Job title: Lead Engineer Rotating TSD Rotating
Posted date: 10/05/2018
Qualifications: A University Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Knowledge Experience: Minimum 4 years of relevant experience
kills: Proficiency in M/S Office
Job details

Needed Lead Engineer! Apply Today!

Job title: Lead Engineer
Posted date: 10/05/2018
Qualifications: a University Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Experience required: Minimum 5 years of relevant experience.
Skills: Analytical thinking and problem solving skills.
Job details

Vacancy For Senior Engineer. CV’s Accepted!

Job title: Senior Engineer
Posted date: 10/05/2018
Code: 7862
Job details

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